High Performance Sustainability 

& Wellness 


Like most high performers, you have a big vision.

It motivates you to keep striving for that next level of success. But with any big vision, comes big responsibilities and big challenges.


The pressure to perform while juggling family and personal responsibilities is overwhelming and all consuming.


Fear of failure can make you question whether you have what it takes to be successful in your role


And perhaps worst of all, others don’t understand the pressure you’re under, which can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even depression.

But you don’t have to do this alone.

With the right support, you can optimize your performance without sacrificing or compromising your personal happiness and well-being.


Reduce Your Stress

Expand Your Energy


enhance Your Relationships

Maximize Your Performance

Hi, I’m Susan Shaw

I am fascinated by human performance and the potential that exists within each of us when we manage our energy effectively, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As a former competitive athlete and coach with five national championship wins and a world masters games title, I understand intimately the connection between high performance and energy management.

I work with executives who are tired of trading their personal life for professional success. While their life looks great on the outside, their success has not brought them the level of happiness they thought it would.

Work With Me

Phase 1

Our work together begins by getting crystal clear on your priorities and what really matters to you! We make sure you are very intentional about who and what you invest your energy in, so you have no regrets.

Phase 2

Together, we take an honest close-up look at your current reality without blame or judgment and identify blind spots that sabotage your effectiveness and happiness.

Phase 3

You will implement proven science-based strategies to dramatically reduce your stress. You will take clear, decisive, focused action based on new insights. And you will receive ongoing support and accountability. 

Susan, I can’t thank you enough

for the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program. We’re only two weeks in and I already feel like I’m taking back control of my life.

Joey Murphy

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