The world of sports is a fiercely competitive environment that often cares more about results than people.

I care about both!

Hi, I’m Susan Shaw and I understand the challenges you face. The pressure to perform can not only affect your performance, but it can negatively impact your personal well-being and relationships. 

In the world of high performance sports, the competition and pressure to perform is intense. But contrary to what you might think, your greatest competitor is not your opponent.

It’s your mindset!

Ambition, talent, and hard work will take you so far, but what happens when you experience mistakes, failures, and setbacks? One of the greatest factors that sets world class athletes apart from the rest of the field is the speed of recovery from mistakes. The same holds true for top level coaches and executives. Their ability to effectively manage their emotions and energy under pressure can be a game changer.

As a former competitive athlete and coach with five national championships and a world masters games title, I understand the challenges you face. The pressure to perform under constant public scrutiny is intense! Unfortunately, many sports professionals never realize their true potential due to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that hijack their performance when it matters most.

Life and sport have provided me with some amazing opportunities, but along the way, I experienced many challenges that negatively impacted my performance and happiness. Working with a personal coach helped me gain new insights and develop lasting habits that significantly impacted all areas of my life.

In 2003, after nearly 2 decades as an educator, and mentoring teachers in training, I was ready for a change and a new challenge. The field of personal and professional development, otherwise known as coaching, was a perfect fit with my successful background in education and sports and my passion for personal development.

In 2005 I completed advanced training and certification in coaching and communication skills through Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), a global leader in coach training programs.

Since then, I have supported many professionals in making small, but significant changes to create transformational results.

What might be possible for you with the right support?

I would be honored to support you in realizing your full potential while creating a personal life that not only matches your professional success, but powerfully supports it. 


Susan, the coaching experience with you was life changing! I am forever filled with gratitude for this experience.

Terri Mack

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