Create sustainable success in your career AND a thriving personal life…without burnout.

Hi, I’m Susan Shaw

I work with executives who are tired of trading their personal life for professional success. My clients come to me, because even though their lives look great on the outside, success has not brought them the level of happiness they thought it would.

Hard-wired to succeed, these executives are driven, goal-oriented, pragmatic, and self-directed. And while these strengths served them well in advancing their careers, the success that they worked so hard to create gradually takes a toll on their personal lives.

Far too often, their demanding work schedule and the pressure to perform leads to conflict and tension in their marriage. They have little time for family or friends and feel like a stranger to their own kids. They exist on too little sleep, which hurts their performance at work and negatively impacts their relationships. In some cases they experience chronic pain and other health issues, which greatly affects their quality of life. 

They come to me when they are ready to say “enough”!

In my work, I help executives move from a constant state of stress and overwhelm to greater productivity, relationships, and wellness. As a result of our work together, my clients report significantly less stress; greater clarity and confidence in making decisions; improved sleep and sharper focus; increased energy levels and productivity; improved communication and relationships; greater connection and harmony at home; more time for family and a life beyond work; as well as greater happiness and peace of mind.

When you partner with me, we begin our work together by getting crystal clear on what really matters to you. We make sure you are very intentional about who and what you invest your energy in, so that you have no regrets. Next, we take an honest look at your current reality without blame or judgment and identify blind spots that sabotage your effectiveness and happiness. You will learn proven strategies, backed by science and psychology, to handle the challenges of work and life with a positive mindset. You will take calm, clear, focused action on newly gained insights while receiving ongoing support and accountability.

To support my clients, I combine my advanced training and certification in coaching and communication skills with a psychology degree and 15 years of coaching experience. I also draw on my success as a former competitive athlete and coach (five National Championships and one World Masters Games title) to help executives achieve accelerated and lasting results in their performance, relationships, and wellness.

“Susan, the coaching experience with you was life changing. I am forever filled with gratitude for this experience.”  Terri Mack

What might be possible for you with the right support?

I would be honored to support you in bringing high performance sustainability into your life…

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Susan, the coaching experience with you was life changing! I am forever filled with gratitude for this experience.

Terri Mack

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