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Like most high achievers you are driven by a big vision.

It motivates you to keep striving for that next level of success. And with any big vision, comes enormous responsibilities and challenges.

The pressure to perform while navigating rapid change and dealing with public scrutiny is overwhelming.


Trying to balance the high demands of your organization with family and personal responsibilities is taking a toll on your relationships.


Your life looks great on the outside, but no one really understands the pressure you’re under, which can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression

Serving as a high-level executive can be all-consuming and lonely, with no one to safely confide in. But you don’t have to do it alone. With the right support, you can reduce your stress, increase your productivity, and maximize your performance to create sustainable results for you and your organization.


Reduce Your Stress

OPTIMIZE Your Energy


enhance Your Relationships

Maximize Your Performance

Work With Me

PQ Mental Fitness Program

For the executive who is ready to thrive in challenging times, not just survive

Learn how to reduce your stress, increase your effectiveness, and improve your performance with a 6-week mental fitness program based on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology.

VIP Coaching Intensive

For the executive who is ready to create personal relationships and wellness that matches their professional success and supports their overall happiness

Jumpstart your results towards increased energy, improved relationships, and greater peace of mind and happiness with 3 hours of laser-focused, confidential support.

1 on 1 Private Coaching

For the executive who is inspired to make a bigger impact without compromising or sacrificing their personal relationships and well-being

Elevate your leadership and create sustainable success with customized, confidential support to expand your energy capacity, increase your productivity, and improve your relationships.

Whichever option works best for you, the first step is to schedule a free 30 minute call.


I’m already over extended and don’t have time to take on one more thing.
Mindset coaching addresses that problem head on. When you master your mindset, you will have more energy and increase your effectiveness.
I don’t have money in my budget for coaching right now.
Packages and payment plans are available to address different budget needs.
I have overcome many challenges in my life and career to get this far. I’m smart, I’m resourceful. I’ll figure it out.
As a high-level executive, you wear many hats and shoulder enormous responsibility for your organization. That’s a lot of pressure on one person. Professional athletes hire a coach to help them perform at their best. Imagine what you could achieve with the support of a trained and experienced coach.

Just wanted to thank you again for your support in giving me direction and confidence to lead our leadership discussions. It went fantastic! Way beyond expectation.

Shirley Huth

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